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Special offers. 

Updated: May 2023.

Book Direct for Guaranteed Best Price. 

Book direct via email or phone. 

Guarantee our best price, not available anywhere online. 

May not include all dates. 
Discounted price includes room and breakfast. Parking charges not included.  
bject to availability; standard terms and conditions apply.

Gift Vouchers.

Gift your loved ones a personalised, prepaid gift certificate for a stay at the Sycamore Guest House. Please call or email directly to arrange this.

Not all dates included; excludes premium dates such as festivals, holidays and York Races.
Parking charges not included.

Gift certificate must be prepaid in advance, by card, and is non-refundable. 

Gift certificate remains valid for 12 months. 

Terms of certificate subject to change; terms at the moment of purchase apply. 

Redemption of certificate subject to availability; please call or email in advance to book your stay. 

Subject to availability; standard terms and conditions apply.

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